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  2004 Lingerie Bowl I
  Rich Hanna @ Lingerie Bowl I
  Rich Hanna at Lingerie Bowl I
  2006 Reno Officials Camp (courtesy of Bob Messina)
  SFV Unit Members @ Reno
  (From left to right) Jeff Appelbaum, Orlando Chavarria, Jason Fitch, Jim Atkinson
  2006 East-West High School All Star Game
  2006  East-West HS All Star Crew
  (From left to right) Bob Arias, Ken Ashford, Craig Becker, John Moore
  Movie Stars (courtesy of Dan Murphy)
  Jack Burthe on set of Gridiron Gang
  Jack Burthe on the set of Gridiron Gang
  2002 John Pemberton @ Stanford vs. Notre Dame
  John Pemberton @ ND John Pemberton @ ND