MINUTES Of March 14, 2006




Present: Steve White, Steve Stimling, Owen Seiver, Danny Vargas, Mark Sawyer, John Pemberton, Kirk West and Larry Obar.


Meeting called to order by President White @ 7:28 pm.


Minutes presented and approved by acclimation.


Secretary Treasurer Obar gave a report on the financial situation and will present a formal report at next BOD Mtg.


Instructional Chairman John Pemberton reported on the situation at Monroe High School and was confident that the use of facility permit would remain.

John presented the 2006 meeting calendar and the only changes were moving the Oct. 31st. meeting up to Oct. 24th. so as not to conflict with Halloween.

Election procedures were discussed with relation to the need for general meetings, Owen Seiver would coordinate the nomination procedures.

Also the banquet date would be verified as soon as Mark Sawyer could confirm a date with the Porter Valley CC.

The calendar was approved by acclimation.


The new mechanics manual from the CBUA was discussed with no specific feedback to pass on from those in attendance.


Assignor Kirk West discussed the use of Arbiter and how it would be implemented to the unit.

West also asked and discussed crews, ratings, and plans for coming season. No formal plans were finalized at this point.

Kirk also highlighted and everyone concurred on the importance of recruiting. It was reiterated that Danny Vargas would coordinate the recruiting efforts.


President White discussed past due game fees owed Tony Cuppari, a letter was presented and approved be sent to those still delinquent.


President White opened the discussion regarding the Steve Strimling letter. Everyone in attendance

gave input. Steve Strimling resigned his position on the Board of Directors and it was agreed that Kirk and Steve would have to work out their own situation without BOD involvement.


President White adjourned the meeting @ 8:58 pm.