SFV Football Unit

Board of Directors





Present: Steve White, Owen Siever, Kirk West, Mark Sawyer, Scott Bernard and David Musso


President white called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM on Monday, May 15, 2006.


The previous Minutes were approved by acclimation


The banquet will be held at the Porter Valley Country Club. Mark Sawyer will confirm the date of November 7th.


Kirk West is still owed money for the Arbiter. He negotiated a fee of $4.50 per member.


At the September 19th meeting the membership will be informed that whoever is nominated for the Board at the general meeting on October 3rd will have the opportunity to give a 1 minute speech if they desire to declare their intentions as a candidate. The elections will be held October 17th.


We will put this years registration letter on the SFV Web site and emailed and Kirk will email all the members and let them know they should download the forms and send in the registrations form and their fees to Larry Obar. Larry will send letters to the 11 members that Kirk does not have email addresses for.


The constitutional amendments will be posted on the web site and emailed to the members so the entire membership can vote on these amendments at the general meeting on July 5, 2006.


The Board of Directors will be in office from January 1 until December 31st to allow the Board to handle any issues that may arise during the playoffs.


The instructional chair will submit his list of instructors to the Board of Directors by the second meeting of the year for approval.


Each Board will determine the number of meetings to be held each year due to circumstances but it is recommended that 1 meeting be held every other month in the off season and monthly during the season.


The Board passed a motion to add three crews for the 2006 season. This was based on the number of games that have already been submitted to Kirk West the assignor. This will also allow more qualified members to be on crews.


A motion was approved that the nest 3 highest rated referees would be the new crew chiefs. They are David Musso, Steve White and Richard Hanna.


To be qualified to become a crewmember the member must have a #1 rating according to the current rating system. To be rated an official must be in their fourth year.


Each crew will be allowed to pick one game per week whether it is a Thursday, Friday or Saturday game. Each crew is allowed to work the same school a maximum of two times per season, once in pre season and once in league play.


President White will contact the current crew chiefs about the new crews.  A crew chief may put someone back in the pool if they wish or a current crew member may voluntarily go back into the pool if they so choose.


All of the crews should be set by the week of June 10. If a member is wanted by more then one crew chief that member shall be allowed to choose which crew they are going to be on.


The week of June 12-17 the crews will meet with the assignor to draft the crew games.


The Board will ask former Assignor Tony Cuppari if any officials have been red lined by any schools for the coming season. The list will be given to Kirk West.


The Board would like the dated for the SOS school. The Board believes this is a crucial program in helping new members advance and learn before being assigned to work games.


On July 5th at the general meeting the membership will have a confirmation vote on Scott Bernard as Vice president. If the vote is confirmed then Scott will be VP this year and President next year.


A mentoring program will begin this season. Every first year official will be assigned to a crew that he will shadow for the season. He will attend the crew games and sit in on pre game conferences. He will work the JV game with the crew.


The Board hopes to implement a JV crew system for next year, which will allow even more members a chance to work in a crew system and advance as their skill progress.


The next Board meeting will be held before the July 5th meeting at 6pm unless circumstances make it necessary to meet sooner.


The meeting adjourned at 8:40 PM


Respectfully Submitted,


David Musso


These minutes are not yet approved and are pending until the next Board meeting.