MINUTES Of March 30, 2008


@ Millie’s Restaurant



Present: President Fred Turner, Vice President Danny Vargas, Directors; Jeff Appelbaum, Richard Hanna, David Musso,Past President Scott Bernard, Instructional Chairman Steve Strimling, Assignor Kirk West, and Secretary Treasurer Larry Obar.


Meeting called to order by President Turner @ 5:09 pm.


Fred began the discussion with setting the calendar. Steve gave input on the dates for clinics and meetings for the membership. The dates agreed upon are as follows: July 21st.,

Sept. 2nd., 9th. and 23rd., Oct. 7th. 14th. and Make up meeting the 28th. The Banquet is scheduled Nov. 11th.


Locations are yet to be determined as according to Obar there may be problems getting Monroe. Birmingham and a few other schools are being considered as alternatives. Also, the size of meeting rooms needs to be determined to accomodate Strimling’s meeting objectives.  


Obar presented the financial report. It was agreed by all, there are enough funds that the dues need not be raised even with a $2:00 increase in the instructional materials.


Kirk West gave an update of the current crew status. The option was open to add a crew with Mark Millsom being involved as a crew chief. The possibility exists that there might not be enough games for all crews to work on some Friday nights. West indicated there is usually two weeks every year this occurs during the season.


Fred discussed the topic of moving crew members.

This opened up the discussions of:

·        How members are chosen for crew assignments.

·        The ratings as a merit system for picking crews.

·        The observations and evaluation of officials.

·        Electronic evaluations vs the current handwritten ratings.


Some of the feedback and decisions were that:

  • No mandated rule as to crew movement.
  • Crew members, should be rated 1’s in their position. 
  • The crew chief with assistance from the assignor would make the decision as to picking and replacing a crew member.
  • The goals would be to continue to try to assist, observe, evaluate and mentor officials to get them up to the level of being considered for crews.


Jeff Appelbaum continues to work at getting a clearer more precise way of evaluating via arbiter/electronically. No descision was made on the weight of arbiter evaluations vs current handwritten system but both would be considered as the tools to rate officials.


Fred highlighted the fact that we need to get out and take part in observing officials working lower division games. Steve also reiterated that this could provide feedback as to topics to be emphasized for instruction.


A discussion took place as to the capabilities of Arbiter in communicating with the membership, the updating of membership lists, and communicating with school personnel, etc. Kirk stated that he felt the Arbiter should be used primarily for assigning vs instructional. He also noted that attachments could not be forwarded on Arbiter. Jeff felt that the website could perform much of the needs but access to Arbiter would be very helpful for several things i.e. members e-mail addresses, game evaluations etc. Fred, Jeff and Kirk agreed to work out those situations.


The last topic of crews was the playoff/finals rotation. With additional crews the current rotation for finals would mean an eight year rotation. Steve stated that the CIF SS only wants the unit’s “best” officials on final games. After discussion and looking at future crew rotations it was decided that the Board of Directors and Instructional Staff will set a 5 year rotation with the top 25 officials. This would be decided at the annual ratings meeting and would be revisited and decided upon for any needed changes each year.



Steve Strimling presented his instructional staff. He stated that all classroom instructors will be returning and the only addition would be Louie Vargas. Steve listed the following staff assignments:


Richard Hanna – Administrative Assistant

Jeff Applebaum and Jim Atkinson – Media Directors

Fred Turner – Federation Rules Expert

Tony Cuppari, David Musso, and Louie Vargas – Instructing first year thru third year officials on the field and in the classroom.

Ron Mouzis and Mark Moorman – In charge of classroom and take home testing.

Rolfe Rahl – Collect and Review Varsity Crew Game Reports.

Bill McCabe – Instruction of Referee Position.

Brad Glenn – Instruction of Deep Officials.

The umpire position and other classroom teaching assignments are still to be named.


Steve has obtained commitments from the following Guest Instructors; Ron Souza, Al Granado, and Dale Williams.


Scott Bernard will contact the Porter Valley to secure a contract for a November 11, 2008 Banquet.


President Fred Turner Adjourned the meeting at 7:51 pm.