MINUTES Of Dec. 4,2005




Present: Steve White, Steve Strimling, Danny Vargas, Owen Seiver, and Larry Obar with Mark Sawyer arriving a bit later.


Meeting called to order by President White @ 3:00 pm.


I.                    Discussion on the constitution with regards to:

        Defining members in good standing.

        Voting eligibility.

        Absentee balloting.


It was agreed that to vote all fines must be paid, and it was recommended that a minimum of† 3 meetings should be attended by the night of elections. Any other requirements should be added if needed by vote of general membership into the constitution.†


II.                 The Board agreed and recommended that the Secretary-Treasurer should select an assistant for purposes of continuity in case of emergency. Member David Musso was recommended and Obar agreed to request his assistance.


III.               It was also agreed that the Instructional Chairman have an assistant. The need for this would be discussed with Inst.-Chair. John Pemberton. Also to be discussed with him would be clinic formats, the spacing out of meetings, focused training to meet the special needs of members (ie Referee position).

It was agreed that White and Strimling would have a private meeting with John to discuss the aforementioned matters.


IV.              The assigner position was discussed with regards; to the arbiter system, a job

description, policies and/or procedure information that past Boards have recommended.


V.                 The need for recruiting new officials was discussed. Strimling dioscussed his†††† ††††

plan of placing and manning an information table at Arena League Football games at Staples Ctr. He mentioned that other units might want to participate i.e. San Gabriel Valley.† It was agreed that our unit would produce and man it.




†††† President White adjourned meeting @ 4:40pm.††††††††