MINUTES Of Feb. 28, 2006




Present: Steve White, Steve Stimling, Owen Seiver, Danny Vargas, Mark Sawyer, and Larry Obar.


Meeting called to order by President White @ 6:58 pm.


Minutes presented and approved by acclimation.


1. Discussion of letter written by Steve Stimling took place. After all gave input Steve White requested that all directors forward information to him as to the direction each feels the BOD might take. He asked that this get to him by March 7th.


2. President White reported gave a CFOA report based on the recent executive council meeting.

·        He stated that the CIF SS fees contract is in its last season and he was a member of the CFOA fees committee. He asked for feedback to take to the committee.

·        Steve also presented the new mechanics book which has been adopted by the CFOA.

·        The directory in the study guide would also be changed to only have a unit’s officer information with each units membership roster relegated to websites.

·        Also discussed were the new Instructional Chairman and the newly installed state playoffs.


3. President White presented a list of  “ Proposed Constitutional Amendments.” The highlights being:


·        Increase of a Director at Large position in order to bring a voting group to an odd number quorum.

·        Place the assignor position into the constitution.

·        All meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

·        The voting process was also discussed for amendment and Owen Seiver would bring a summary report on a procedure.


4. The need to recruit officials was discussed. Daniel Vargas was named to coordinate a recruiting program.


5. The next meeting was tentatively set for March 14th.,  at Mark Sawyer’s business offices.


President White adjourned meeting at 8:45 pm.